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Transforming your space with a well-crafted deck isn’t just an enhancement to your property; it’s an investment in your lifestyle. A thoughtfully designed deck can expand your living and entertainment areas, adding significant value to your home. For commercial or retail spaces, a well-constructed deck can even contribute to additional rental income for landlords or seating areas for restaurant and hotel owners.

At Master Decks, we recognize the significance of quality, ensuring that our decks adhere to rigorous NBSA regulations for your peace of mind.

Our dedicated decking sales and design team at Master Decks is eager to assist you. Contact us to schedule a meeting, where we can discuss essential factors to consider when planning your deck.

Scroll through the gallery below to see examples of projects we have completed in the past.

Explore these key considerations with us:

  1. Design: Meticulous planning is crucial to maximize your deck’s potential. You can share plans from your architect, landscaper, or create them with our experienced sales team, which offers this service free of charge.
  2. Structure: The underside of your deck can be constructed with either hardwood or Tanalized® SA Pine, depending on factors like cost, visibility, and aesthetics. Support posts come in various options, from simple turned Tanapoles to double timber, brick and plaster, or ornate precast pillars.
  3. Material: Cape Town offers a diverse range of natural timbers to achieve your desired color, texture, and ambiance. Master Decks provides access to various materials, from exotic options to sustainable timbers like Garapa, Balau, Chamfuta, Cumaru, Ekki, Ipe, Iroko, Jarrah, Macaranduba, Purple Heart, Zambian Teak, and Zimbabwe Teak. We can also guide you on selecting composite materials from trusted manufacturers such as Enviro Deck, Moso Bamboo, Eva Last, and Trex, considering their performance under South African UV conditions.
  4. Fixing: The method of fixing decking planks varies, from visible screws to plugged screws to hidden fixing systems. For resilient timbers like Garapa or Balau, we recommend two stainless steel screws per joist for each plank. While hidden or secret fixings may not be suitable for all timbers due to natural expansion and contraction, they are ideal for composite decking.
  5. Finish: All natural timbers will silver/grey over time and do not require any maintenance. Clients can however consider various sealing or staining options to maintain the natural wood colours or even elevate them to a new level. (note: This means annual maintenance will be required to maintain the look)

Contact us now to connect with one of our knowledgeable sales designers who will expertly guide you through the process of bringing your dream deck to life.

What sets us apart as the is our remarkable team of experienced staff members, each boasting a wealth of firsthand knowledge. At Master Decks, we place a premium on service, integrity, and reliability, earning us the esteemed reputation of being leaders in outdoor timber construction. Architects, builders, and developers routinely seek our advice, while contractors and architects trust us for our meticulous planning, timely execution, and commitment to getting it right the first time. Attention to detail is our forte, ensuring that every project exceeds expectations.

Master Decks caters to a diverse clientele, from homeowners to building contractors and major developers. Our installations grace hotels, restaurants, national parks, apartment blocks, and countless homes throughout the Western Cape region, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. To stay ahead in our industry, we consistently refresh our ideas, designs, and embrace new technology and materials.

Rest assured, safety is our topmost priority. We’ve implemented comprehensive safety training and procedures, maintaining compliance and registrations with esteemed organizations such as BIBC, FEM, SARS, UIF, SEESA Labour Law, POPI Act, and Consumer Protection. With these measures in place, Master Decks guarantees the highest level of service.

Unlock the Expertise

Connect with Our Knowledgeable Sales Designers Today!

Unlock the Expertise

Connect with Our Knowledgeable Sales Designers Today!

Ready to embark on the journey of creating a deck that perfectly complements your property, lifestyle, and budget in the Cape Town area? Look no further—contact us now to connect with one of our seasoned sales designers at Master Decks.

Other Services

Master Decks are the outdoor timber specialists and also design and supply Pergolas, Screens and Fences, Staircases and Balustrades, Wall cladding and Utility cladding, Boardwalks and Jetty’s and more.

Established in 1989, building primarily carports, pergolas and patio roofs. The founder, with a structural design background built their first deck in 1992 and the subsequent demand forced the birth of Master Decks. The company grew in strength and size to become the recognized specialist in its field as it is known today.

Our long standing staff compliment bearing a massive amount of first-hand experience and the high value we put on service, integrity and reliability makes Master Decks the recognized specialist in wooden Pergolas and Carports and all other outdoor timber construction. Architects, builders and developers seek our advice on a regular basis and we are well known by numerous Building Contractors and Architects as the company who plan properly, get in and get out in the time promised and to get it right the first time. Special attention to detail is a huge strength.

Master Decks’ caters for Mr and Mrs. Homeowner to Building Contractors to Mr. big Developer. Our installations proudly grace the lifestyles of hotels, restaurants national parks, apartment blocks and countless homes across the Western Cape region. Stagnation is curbed by a continued effort to renew ideas and designs and to keep on top of new technology and materials.

With all safety training and procedures in place as well as compliances and registrations with BIBC, FEM, SARS, UIF, SEESA Labour Law, POPI act and Consumer Protection up to date, Master Decks is ready to assist.